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Android Enterprise Certifications

Update 06/01/2020

I received an email from Google last week that the previous Android Certification website is being deprecated. Starting from 1/01/2020 all certifications need to be completed through

The site is a big improvement from the previous one and navigating it is really easy! All Android Enterprise certifications are easily grouped.

There a few differences:

  • You need to sign-in with a corporate account instead of a personal gmail address
  • A new course has been released ‘Android Enterprise Associate’. This course is a really basic course that gives you an intro into Android Enterprise.

Original post

Google offers a few online certification classes around Android Enterprise. Last week, I decide to broaden my knowledge about Android Enterprise and tackle them all. During this blog post I will share my experience which should give you an idea if it’s worthwhile getting them.

Google offers four different Android Enterprise certifications:

  • Android Enterprise Professional
  • Android Enterprise Architecture & Implementation
  • Android Enterprise Support Engineer
  • Zero-touch enrollment

How to enroll

All four certifications are free, but enrolling in them can be a bit tricky. I was confused of the process myself, as you aren’t really guided all the way.

Proceed to and log in with your personal Google Account (Managed Google Accounts are not supported).

Accept any necessary permissions and EULA & choose whether you want to share your information with your company.

Next up proceed to ‘My Profile’ through the left hand side navigation bar.

Here comes the tricky part, you need to add and verify a corporate email. Without this verified email coupled to your Google Account, you won’t be able to access any Android Enterprise Certifications.

After verifying your corporate email, you won’t see the Android Enterprise category in the overview. You have to search for the courses explicitly. For your convenience, I will add a link to each certification below. I would recommend taking the certifications in this order, as some courses require you to complete a previous course before.

  1. Android Enterprise Professional
  2. Android Enterprise Architecture & Implementation
  3. Android Enterprise Support Engineer
  4. Zero-touch enrollment

Android Enterprise Professional

This first course is the best one in my opinion because it provides you with a good overview of all the Android Enterprise features. If you have previous experience implementing Android Enterprise solutions, then you won’t learn much new. I would recommend this course anyway because it gives you a nice refresher of all different features and requirements. It also includes some documentation which can be useful when implementing Android Enterprise Solutions.

The most interesting for me was the Android Enterprise feature list. This gives you an overview of all the different features that are available in Android Enterprise, which solution set they support (Work Profile, Fully Managed, Dedicated) and what minimum version of Android is required. This last one can be a life saver while troubleshooting.

Android Enterprise Architecture & Implementation

The ‘Android Enterprise Architecture & Implementation’ is the longest course of them all, they state it as a course of 4,5 hours. But you can easily complete it in about 3,5 hours. This course provides you with a lot of information on how to pick the right EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management, Intune for example). It focuses on the difference in feature set between EMMs. I don’t really agree to this approach because I think you should choose you EMM based on a couple of solutions:

  • Feature set available
  • Console experience
  • Support experience
  • Integration with other products (Identity Provider, Security Products)

It also tells you some things about choosing the right enrollment method (choose zero-touch whenever you can) and about planning the Managed Google Play set-up and networking.

I didn’t like this course as much as the first one because it really goes into some basics. It shows you how to deploy network settings, applications, devices but doesn’t go as much in depth as I would have liked.

Android Enterprise Support Engineer

The Android Enterprise Support Engineer course goes into the troubleshooting experience in great depth. It goes into much more depth than you will ever need if you are using an EMM platform (because that takes care of most of the reporting for you).

It introduces you to tools like:

  • Android Management Experience
  • TestDPC
  • Bug Reports
  • Android Management API

You will not use these tools everyday. But knowing what they are and how you can use them during your troubleshooting adventures can really help you out!

Zero-touch enrollment

This last course is a really short one (only 20 minutes) and provides you with a brief overview of zero-touch enrollment and doesn’t go in-depth at all. I would recommend that you read the Google Docs about it instead, as they will provide you with a lot more information. The only reason you would take this course is that you have completed every course possible around Android Enterprise.


Would I recommend taking the time and getting these Android Enterprise Certifications?

Yes, I would!

Don’t expect to learn a whole lot of new things, but it is a good way to refresh all your knowledge and a certification never looks bad on your resume!

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